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Alumnus of the Year

Listing of the recent recipients of the Alumnus of the Year award.

Year Name Grad Year Career Highlight
1987 Vickie Patik 1968 Emmy Award Winning Author
1988 Les Arehart 1968 Accomplishing Quadraplegic
1989 Rudolf L. Brutoco, M.D., M.P.H. 1970 Groundbreaking Medical Doctor
1990 Adrienne Gary 1966 Entertainment Industry Leader
1991 Robert Estanislau 1964 Alumni Leadership
1992 Celestino M. Beltran 1963 Technology Industry Leader
1993 Jeffrey M. Lobosky, M.D. 1969 Leader in Medical Field
1994 Shelley Pritchard Dowling 1965 United States Supreme Court Librarian
1995 Patrick C. Haden, Esq. 1971 Athletic and Community Leader; Scholar-Athlete
1996 France Dominic Cordova, Ph.D. 1965 Chief NASA Scientist; UC Riverside Chancellor
1997 Joseph P. Busch III, Esq 1966 Legal Industry Leader
1998 Liam E. McGee, Esq 1972 Banking Industry Leader
1999 Marty Castruita Rodriguez 1968 Real Estate Industry Leader
2000 W. Gregory Frost, Sr. 1967 Mortgage Banking Industry Leader
2001 Robert J. Raab, Jr. 1967 Banking Industry Leader
2002 Honorable Yvette Palazuelos 1980 Municipal Court Judge
2003 Henry S. Barbosa, Esq 1966 Legal Industry Leader
2004 John M. Sciarra 1972 Pension Plan Industry Leader
2005 Dave Simonson 1964 Supermarket Industry Leader

Mrs. Susan (O'Connor) Byrne, Class of 1973 and Mr. Daylon McCutcheon, Class of 1995
Recent Alumni Registered

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